Joint of walls with mesh of different size


I have a question concerning the video on the building video. I have begun to create the wall section with mesh I bought on the marketplace. As show in the video bellow, I have an offset on the Y axis between some walls.

Do you have an idea on how this offset could be corrected? I tried to play with the resize node and the options in the ressource list but it didn’t do anything. I Preformatted textthink the problem is caused by the fact that some mesh don’t have the same size on the Y axis (in the unreal editor some have a size of 18, 19 units while other have a size 30 units). Is there an easy way to set the size on a single axis?

Thank you in advance for your answer.

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Hello. Yes, this is usually caused by the fact that meshes are placed based on their mesh bounds and when there are protrusions this can create an offset. There are a several things you can do:

  1. There is a Frame.Place operator that will adjust a frame by placing the pivot point of the asset at a given point. This is useful for single objects, e.g. trees there their pivot is (usually) away from centre at the lower point.
  2. You can offset the wall forward/back according to where the pivot is in just that (Y?) axis. You can calulate the pivot point by passing a [0,0,0] vector into the Frame.WorldToLocal based on the Asset bounds you get from the Resource.Resolve operator. This works because the asset bounds is positioned on local space relative to that pivot.
  3. For the medieval buildings I set the assets that had offset to use a simple wall as the bounds reference mesh and forced Apparance to ‘see’ them as the same size. This only works if the walls all have the same pivot point.

You can see exactly the issue you are having in the medieval buildings video. There are offsets due to the doorway extending back from the wall surface.

Here is the Resource List for one of the door sections that we having this issue. I pointed it at the flat wall instead to use for bounds:

I hope that helps.