Inconsistency on Blueprint Assigned Scale

I wanted to get the Actor Scale to drive the Size of the Frame passe into the Procedure, but I have a unit problem I guess.

This greys out the Frame input, (because it’s driven by the construction graph)

And the size, though numerically correct, doesn’t match what I’d expect.

The left cube is using the Construction Graph Driven Scale

And Right cube is using a manual input.

Both show a Size Value of 5.

But the Construction Graph updated frame is much larger.

I’m unsure if this is a bug or if it’s some misconception on my part on Unreal versus Apparance Units.

There are some frame conversion bp functions that might help. You can’t easily make a frame from component parts (e.g. you haven’t set the axes up).

Also, if you scale the actor then all placed objects will get scaled as well so this is not likely going to achieve what you think.

If you are trying to just get ‘nice handles’ for manipulating parameters, this is something I have on the backlog.