Placed Blueprint construction graph not invoked

It seems that Blueprint Actors that are placed with an Apparance Entity do not execute their Construction graphs.

because I don’t know how would I read (per instance, the terrain normal and material, I was wondering if I’d leave that bit of the process of the construction graph.

But it seems that the actors placed don’t execute their construction graph until they are manually updated in the editor (e.g. moved around)

Yes, I can repro that. Looks like a bug as I would expect them to be called when blueprints are placed procedurally. I’ll see what’s involved in fixing it.

It’s worth noting that there are some unresolved size/scaling/positioning issues with placing blueprints at the moment that I’m in the middle of resolving so they may move once it’s fixed. I’ll let you know.

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I have an update on this. I had a consistent crash on an Apparance Entity that was running a construction graph that updated the random seed by running a Rebuild Apparence Entity.

My guess is that the crash may be due to the Procedure being removed or renamed on the Apparance Editor.

That corrupted the ApparanceEntity uasset file (couldn’t even right-click the entity in the content browser, let alone open the blueprint).

I have the uasset file saved if you want to take a look and debug it. (I dropped it in the onedrive)

Ok, ta. I’ll take a look.