Apparance Editor sometimes closes and can't be opened again

Sometimes the Apparance Editor closes silently and can’t be open again, no crash warnings, asserts, or logs. The Unreal Editor needed to be restarted.

I don’t have a solid repro for this one, unfortunately, but I’ll keep an eye out. Seems to be when deleting nodes of a graph that is currently in use in the Unreal Editor, but it’s not easily repro’d.

That means the editor app crashed, you will need to restart Unreal. I may have seen this, but not got a repro yet. Let me know if you spot a pattern or get it loads.

I also have a hang while saving that happens every now and then

Hmm, what was the state of Unreal? Locked, doing something, fine? Had you been making lots of interactive edits? Were the procedural objects in the scene large/complex? How long did you leave it before killing it? Could you dig out the log next time this happens (project/Saved/Logs) please too.