Error when compiling my project - RESOLVED


I failed to package a project in unreal 5.3 while the apparance plugin was activated (it was a test run where I didn’t create any procedures or class derived from the plugin). After I removed the apparance plugin. My project was packaged without problem.
I can’t upload the log on the forum so I will sent them your mail (


Hi, sorry you are having issues. I have looked at the logs and it appears to be a clash related to tinyxml2. Are you using tinyxml2.lib in your project at all? I wasn’t aware of Unreal using it already, but if you are using it then it may be clashing with the use of tinyxml2 built into the Apparance lib when UE builds everything into a single exe. If you are, you could try removing your own reference to it, but that might mean it doesn’t build for editor use (multiple dlls).


Thank you for the quick answer. I retested in a new third person project with only the apparance plugin and it compiled. It should be used in another marketplace plugin I activated in my project.I’ll try to see if I can remove the other plugin.

Ah, ok, that might be an annoying issue if the two plugins clash. I’d need to work out how to make it Apparance specific, or maybe I wouldn’t need it to export those symbols from the lib or something :frowning: Let me know and we can then work out what needs to happen.

I think I found the culprit. The tinyxml error was added after I activated the apple arkit plugins in my second “clean” project. Those plugins are built in unreal. I don’t remember activating them. Maybe it was when I experimented with the metahuman plugin.

Edit: it should be in the live link plugin that is also built in unreal engine. The arkit plugins depend on that one.

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Ok, useful to know. Let me know if you still have problems with this.