UE5 Compile Error: UApparance Entity Preset Actor Factory :: SpawnActor

Just setting up out UE5 Apparance testbed and caught an error in UApparanceEntityPresetActorFactory with the compiler complaining that SpawnActor is final.

Works fine with the UE_VERSION_NEWER_THAN(4,99,0) commenting out. Seems like the GitHub 5.0 branch has now caught up with 4.27.

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ah, so are you saying I’ll see this if I update my UE5 version?

Yes, I think so.

I pulled from 5.0 at 9c737b8 19 Nov 06:48.

I have been working against the pre-built Epic Games Launcher installed version of UE5.0EA, as I don’t actually need to build the engine. At the moment I suppose technically I’m not supporting anything past the official released build of UE5 (i.e. 5.0.0). If you can work around it then please do, if it’s blocking you though then let me know as I’ll have to spend some time getting the bleeding edge code drop to build against and build the whole shebang.

We can run the #if change locally, just wanted to let you know.

Issue: Apparance plugin doesn’t compile against bleeding edge UE5 codebase.
Proposed Fix: Adjust the version check to account for the change.
Workaround: “Comment out UE_VERSION_NEWER_THAN(4,99,0) locally”

Going to close as ‘Won’t Fix’ for now as I’m not in a position to support the bleeding edge EA version of Unreal 5. It’s also not a platform I can target for the Marketplace version until they release it. It will still be provided in the Demo (itch.io) version, but only tested against the official 5.0EA binary release.

Revisiting this now that 5.0 Preview 1 is out.

Version 1.2.1 now released with UE5.0 Preview 1 support. Turns out they threw the big switch and FVector and FVector2D are now double’s instead of float’s (rollout of their ongoing efforts to support larger worlds). This required a few fixes, along with a handful of other API changes.

Release notes:

  • UE 5.0 Preview 1 support (5.0EA no-longer supported)
  • Operator double-click crash fixed
  • Fix crash adding unconnected procedure output