Apparance Editor fails to launch

From Marketplace Q&A section, on July 17, 2022 5:44 PM

The editor cannot be downloaded automatically.
After opening, the downloaded frame will disappear automatically after 1 second.

UPDATE: Video of editor trying to open sent via email, seems to be stuck in a loop of opening the “downloading editor” popup progress bar, only showing 0% though. Video shows this repeated quickly several times in a row.

UPDATE: Log file reports:

[2022.07.18-05.17.17:852][902]LogApparance: Error: Unable to find install package:
[2022.07.18-05.17.17:857][902]LogApparance: Error: Apparance Editor installation failed. See above for error details. You may need to re-install or update the plugin and try again.

Seems like it can’t access the internet.

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First thing I’ll need is the log file to see what the Unreal Editor says about the issue (please ensure any sensitive information is removed from the log before uploading to the forums). This can be found in the Saved/Logs folder of your project. I will be the most recent .log file (or one of the backups if you’ve since run it again).


The plugin didn’t seem to be able to access the internet to install the plugin from the Apparance server. I asked if they had any firewall settings that could block Unreal from doing this?
I also suggested manually downloading the editor from the URL it is attempting to access if from.
They were able to access it that way and then installed it themselves by unpacking the zipped files into this directory in their project:
or the equivalent folder in their Unreal engine install (if that is where they were using it from):
This approach needs you to restart Unreal Editor for the change to take effect.
This seemed to sort out their issue and they could open the editor from within UnrealEd.