Debug property panel still accessible and can be made to crash

External bug report:

…messing around with the plugin on 4.26 (itch says it’s v 1.1.11) and I got a crash. The editor went away and won’t open again at least this session.
…trying out the experimental mesh rotation node, adding to the cylinder implementation. I tried to double click on the Data Type combo box next to the down arrow and it crashed.
…a repro - Open up appearance editor, click on one of the tabs, click on the text of “Descriptor” on a resolve Eg. Apparance.Material.Coloured - it crashed after I went backwards and forwards between the unreal editor and the appearance window.

Debug (fallback/default) property panel shouldn’t be accessible in shipping release.
Propsed Fix: is to prevent selection of whatever it was selected as it’s not designed to be editable and hasn’t had a custom UI implemented.
Workaround: Don’t click the thing. :wink:

Pretty sure this is fixed now as I can’t repro it any more. Will be in a future build.