Feature request: Hold Spacebar to pan

Working on a laptop without a mouse makes right click to pan a bit awkward. Many apps allow holding space bar and left dragging to do the same thing (Miro for example). Would be a nice QoL feature to include in the Apparance Editor :pray:

Bug report: doing that currently (hold spacebar and left click drag) causes the editor window to get a bit upset :see_no_evil:

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Fair idea. What about zoom? Are there keys/controls you see in other apps for that? (maybe Ctrl +/-)

P.S. Historically Space was used in the Apparance standalone app to toggle the 3D view from corner to β€˜full’, it’ll be trying to do that, probably repeatedly :smiley: Not a problem to repurpose it, one-day the keys will be bindable too.

I’d also like to implement full pen/touch support one day, with techniques to allow everything to be done using just the pen (presses and drags only, no modifiers, no keys, perhaps even some gestures).