Standard File Menu Interface

The first problem I ran into in the Standalone Editor was creating a new procedure, as the process is hidden from the User.

I had to resort to the tutorial for that simple task, which I feel is problematic. The UX should allow the user to transition easily from any software package, especially when it is related to common or similar operations, without needing the tutorial.

Right-clicking the Procedures Bar to add a new Procedure is unintuitive and obscured to the user.

Recommendation: add the default File Menu operations commonly found in applications.

Eg. File (Or Procedure in this case) / New, Save As, Duplicate. Not having that is a point of friction to onboarding.

P.S.: Keep the Right-click add new procedure because once you realize that you can easily add new procedures to specific categories, that becomes second nature.

I think in the short term I might add similar prompt text to empty procedure lists like the proposed solution to the input output creation problem you mentioned. In the longer term more procedure/file management is needed anyway (currently no delete or duplicate), as well as a proper hierarchy exposed in the UI with drag/drop editing included.

UPDATE: added prompt text to procedure panel, like the IO/operator prompts: