Outputs can get "corrupted" and need to be deleted, and re-added to work

I don’t have a solid Repro for this but I got pretty stumped by this.

I was working on a graph that gets a Frame Splits it and returns 3 frames.

And for some reason, the “Wall” output would only work, when both Lower Division was also connected to something.

for instance, this would not place the wall in the world

while this would place both

I could not make sense of it. Was there anything in my logic that was not working? I couldn’t spot it.

So wired a new output and deleted the old one, and when I did it suddenly started working. No other change in the logic.

Does sound like a bug, that sort of issue should be impossible, by design. If you ever get it again can you save and take a backup/zip of the procedure files and I can check through them for exactly what the inconsistency is. Also, does reloading fix it, and did you use undo at all?

It’s possible I used undo. If I hit it again I’ll try to get a better repro.