Input ordering not saving properly

I have a graph with tons of inputs (and is a recursive graph)

And after a save, the input order will reset to an older version

Case in Point:
I want MaxIterations input to go above the doors
As well as the order of Doors (Front, Back, Right, Left)
Like so:

I have reordered those inputs multiple times. I save, everything goes fine, but when I reboot the engine the inputs are back at their old places.

Fixed in version 1.1.14. It was explicitly sorting the pins by internal ID on save, which generally will be the order they were created in. I think this was originally to maintain determinism, but the order is actually valid state that needs persisting now so I removed the sorts.

hmm… could this be the origin of the crashes I have been having with pins missing / reordered.

No, it only does it on save and it’s just a re-ordering. Connections are maintained by ID and not at all dependent on order.

More likely the copy/paste/delete issues, which I’ve addressed too (the ones I know about at least).

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