Inputs as nodes

I wonder if there is a solution to the spaghettification of the graph

In Unreal, Function Inputs are converted automatically into local variables that you can just use Get and plug into whatever you need it for.

very useful especially when you are reusing the same value across your logic

like here for instance.

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I know what you mean and it’s something I’ve been pondering for a long time. I think I would rather not lose the single point of connection (you can look at the inputs and see where they are used), instead try to maintain the connection but work on making it less visually cluttering, for example:

  • Long wires would have faded centre portions (perhaps most of their length)
  • Hover would highlight the whole wire
  • Tooltips would show what the other end was connected to
  • Allow grabbing of existing wires to duplicate their source connection for a new sink point
  • Push pan (or some sort of start/end toggle mode) as you drag to help make long distance connections