Can't find the extrude node

I’m trying to recreate the lyra procedural tools using the video you posted back then. I can’t find the extrude node even after activating the “experimental nodes”. Did it change name or was it renamed?
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Hi, you’re right, it’s missing. I replaced it with a new version that had slightly different inputs, but for some reason that isn’t showing up. The old one is still implemented but hidden (so old procedures still work). I’ll have to have a look to see why the new one is missing.

You can work around this for the moment by using the obsolete version as follows:

  1. Press Alt+F12 (enables a ‘dev mode’ for the editor)
  2. Tick the ‘Obsolete’ box in the Operator browser context menu.
  3. You should see “PolygonExtrudeOld” become available.


This is the old one, carry on using that for now.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll get a fix for this out this week.


P.S. The new workflow for shapes/polys is a bit nicer, you combine shapes/holes with other operators before passing it to the extrude node, which now has a single ‘shape’ input. This allows more shape manipulation and filtering/etc before the extrude.

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Thank you.
Is there an example of the new workflow?

I’m pleased to report that this is fixed in 1.2.11 (now live on Marketplace/itch). I’m afraid I made the old operators obsolete without adding in the new ones, oops.

Instead of just combining verts and using them as shapes and holes directly on the Poly/Extrude to build geometry, you now get more control over how to assemble the shapes before hand. The old way prevented certain types of shape being made and didn’t really allow proper manipulation.

Here’s an example of them in use:

I hope that helps.


P.S. These are the new Shape operators (including a couple of filtering ones to experiment with).

Here are the replacement poly geometry generation operators: