Shrink Operator could have a "hold" option for each axis

I needed to scale a frame down by a certain unit amount.

I could calculate the original dimensions, subtract that amount, and pass it to the Resize node (because the resize node doesn’t have an Invert option (like the shrink node does).

But I ended up with this.

I wonder if it would be useful if the Shrink Operator options could work as bools
Turn on X, Y, Z

something along these lines

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Another option would be to add an Invert Option to the Resize Node. I guess both would be useful.

Both are good ideas. I might favour the latter as I can’t change the way the axis is represented for Shrink (0,1,2). Could add a second input to Shrink (not sure how it would work) or an alternate version, Shrink2 :smiley: Adding another input to Resize which is already input heavy isn’t ideal, but could work.

I plan to support hiding of default/unused inputs, and some starting setup that hides a lot of ‘advanced’ pins on operators by default.