LookAt function

Both Unity and Unreal have LookAt functions that given a (position, target, up) returns a LookAt Rotation. This would be a useful Operator in Apparance.


(I guess that wouldn’t work out of the box with the current Frame Rotate node.

So it’s likely that the Rotate would need to work like the RotateVDeg (from the Modelling that would just take a frame and a rotation.

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You could build one with the existing operators (e.g. built around Atan2 and DistanceV3). You can do this as two steps; first looking at the “XY Length vs Z” direction vector (pitch), and then the “X vs Y” direction vector (yaw).

Certainly a good candidate for promotion to an operator though, or perhaps forming part of a math utility library (once proc libraries are a thing).

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