Question(s) about the Split Operator

When the Amount is 0. Does the split operator still split the geometry?

Or can it almost be used as a logic operator (if the amount is 0 do not split)

You still get the two ‘parts’ just that one will be zero width and the other full width. If you want to switch out behaviour (i.e. not attempt to generate a zero width object) you need to detect it and switch it out explicitly. e.g. Amount → GreaterThan zero → IfSeg

All outputs are evaluated as needed so both frame outputs will produce something, you have to not request them if you don’t want to use them, i.e. stop the generation further to the right before it gets there. If you follow.

I had that built-in into the logic, but I was trying to figure out if it was redundant. Good to know that my instincts were right