Frame Manipulation does not update in real-time in Editor in UE5.1

Back when I was using UE4 to build my blueprints, editing the Frame in Unreal use to update the procedure in real time as seen in this Instagram post

Now in UE 5.1 that update doesn’t happen in real-time (it was a good source of of interesting video captures for demonstration of procedures in realtime)

Was that an intentional change? I can see how in certain procedures it could actually be expensive and problematic, but would like to have that as an option.

This is a longstanding UE bug that I had a workaround for in UE4, that maybe has stopped working in UE5 recently (likely they changed something). It is really annoying, I’ll have a look for next release.

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This is fixed in 1.2.8 (release notes). Turns out I’d fixed it for individual value sliders, but not the composite vector controls, replaced in 5.0 and 5.1 with custom version that uses the fixed spinner.