streaming Unreal and Apparance


Come next year I will start streaming Unreal Dev and Apparance Procedural Creation. Follow the channel to get notified when I go live.

Eduardo Hulshof - Twitch Channel

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This is great! Do you have a plan for what you are going to tackle and develop? Will it be bits and pieces or an ongoing process to build something bigger? :slight_smile:

I’m on vacation in Brazil right now, so it would be a good time to jump on a call and chat. It would be nice to write a few ideas down.

My general thinking was that I was going to start working on the floor plan from scratch. So some of the challenges I already have solved and I’d be just replicating “live” and then moving to challenges I haven’t solved yet, maybe getting ideas on the chat (though I doubt that it will be a great number of people watching, to begin with).

You are 3 hours ahead of me as it stands. DM me and we can arrange a time that works.

First stream done!

It was less scary than I thought. You can re-watch it here, it should be available for the next two weeks (I may upload it to youtube later)

Twitch - EduardoHulshof

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Re-watched the start bit I missed. I’ve made notes of the following bugs you hit:

  • There is still a wiring crash (very old bug that was fixed recently isn’t fully fixed).
  • New notes appearing outside the procedure boundary.
  • Changing procedure type of Apparance Entity can break parameter editing.
  • Creation of empty meshes causes warning log spam.

Couple of other notes:

  • Yes, copy/paste is coming. :slight_smile:
  • Right-click menu is useful for quickly accessing the most recently placed operators/procedures.
  • You can drag existing wires around to change connections, you don’t have to always wire between an input and an output. (unlike Unreal which doesn’t support this)
  • I see you trying to drag out connections and expecting operator menu (like Unreal) :slight_smile: This is on the list too.
  • I should probably document the coordinate systems a bit more as the differences between Unreal and Apparance are not obvious perhaps (Unreal cm/x-forward/y-right, Apparance m/x-right/y-forward).

Really good being able to watch you using Apparance though, proper UR session stuff, I will be learning a lot about my own creation this way. Keep it up!


I figured out why I was getting stumped on the Stream today.

I forgot that I had a logic for figuring out the Min/Max values for split, in the stream you’ll notice that the values are proportional, so whenever it decided to split, it would split along values that broke the min.max

This works now

So tomorrow I’ll kick the stream off with recursion

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I’m streaming earlier. I think 11:30 is likely a time that works better for me

The Stream got raided by the Unreal Engine Channel today with 112 viewers.

Doubled the follower count of the stream in one go.