Marketplace Question: "How does it compare to Houdini for Unreal?"

Asked February 21, 2022 1:13 PM

How does it compare to Houdini for Unreal?
Please provide more study content

Hi, the biggest difference is that Apparance is a run-time system so can be used to build (and rebuild) content in a live game. This allows endless replayability as you can build worlds unique to the player, and each time they play.

The set of operations available is smaller compared to a huge offline tool like Houdini, but it’s all suitable for real-time game use. At the moment the geometry (mesh) generation features of Apparance are considered experimental, you can already do a lot with them though (see the Example project), and they will be expanded in the future.

There is a full list of operators on the website for you to get an overview of the low-level features. From these you build up ever more powerful procedures of your own, re-using them as you go.

Hope that helps.


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