Pressing enter on a single text line field doesn't set the value

Maybe not a bug proper, but when I enter text into a single line field (like the name of a procedure) and hit enter, nothing happens, and the project is not dirtied. I’d expect the name to be set and the project to be dirtied.

Yeah, I should probably add that. The default behaviour of WPF controls is not to do anything I think. For multiline text it’s not desirable to edit on enter though so either you have to do it a different way (e.g. shift enter for a newline) or not use enter to set values. I have got into the habit of using Tab to accept values, which also moves to the new field which can be useful for editing more than one. Thoughts?

My expecatation is that enter will set the value. In the case of a multiline text, I discover that it doens’t set the value becasue it goes to a new line instead… okay, fine, that makes sense. But for a single line text box, it does nothing when I hit enter - I haven’t learned anything, other than what I expect to happen doesn’t.

In other words, I would make enter set the value for single line text boxes but not for multiline text boxes. It’s better to make the user’s experience in line with expectations than it is to be consistent.

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Fair point. I’ll add it to the list.

Implemented in version 1.1.15, please try and let me know if it’s working as expected, or suggest how to improve it. Thanks.