Input field friction

I find quite a bit of friction trying to clear values on input fields. For the searches on the left, there’s the toggle Filter button, though I find it a bit strange to toggle off and then type something new in, it does work OK.

For the other fields, eg something like this in properties:


I find myself often needing to clear the field back to 0. Unreal does this by a reset button next to inputs. Double clicking on those numbers will select only the numbers after the decimal point (and shows only the right-most numbers, even after changing the value with the horizontal scroll). This is annoying as pressing backspace then leaves you with the whole numbers…


So instead I press ctrl+A, though as it’s context sensitive to where the cursor is, it took me a little while to get used to not selecting all the nodes when doing this.

Possible solutions:
Allowing double click to select the entire entry. Unreal selects all but the - sign if included, which is handy.
An [x] to clear button next to entry fields, to reset them.

The default WPF TextBox control behaviour is a bit lacking in usability and I haven’t had time to address it. These are fair comments. Might say this is a bug TBH.