Making "invisible" categories of Procedures

This is more to help with organization and ease of access in-engine

But once you start making tons of procedures, the list of procedures that you can assign to an Apparance Entity can become unwieldy.

It would be amazing if you could mark some Categories as “Internal” or “Utilitarian” in a way they are hidden from the Drop-Down in the engine.

e.g. I have a Procedure that Takes a frame as input and spits out a list of frames as an output. It’s utilitarian, putting it in an entity in the game won’t do anything, so I’d rather it sit on an invisible list.

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Exactly this is something I’ve been musing over for a while. Currently thinking you need to explicitly make procedures ‘Public’ for them to appear in Unreal. I think internal procedures are in the majority so should be default. I would make the UI for this very clear. :slight_smile:

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