Template Procedures

I’d like a way to make procdures that are agnostic about some of the types that are being used within them, and then be able to easily instantiate version of them. I’m currently making a Switch procecdure, and I first made an object switch, and now I’m doing an int switch - later I suspect I may want a float switch. I guess just having switch procedures would solve much of this, but I suspect there will be other problems for which I’d like to be able to easily create ‘all’ types rather than each individually.

This is unfortunately not possible with the current IO implementation, but for the hard-coded operators they can perform ‘passthrough’ of connections without knowing the type, allowing re-use of the functionality. They do still need to be different operators though. The multi-input amalgamation work I need to do soon will help this and as part of it I’ll be adding a Select operator.