Reading a Socket from a Static Mesh

While building the Sword Generator I came across a nice to have that I think Apparance doesn’t support right now.

I have bent grips, and when attaching pommels to their ends, it would be nice to have information about the orientation I should attach it to.

Right now I’m not sure how to achieve this without edge casing this instance.

Being able to read a socket that contains a transform at that scale, would be nice.

Is it not enough to make that the pivot/origin of the mesh and use the Place Pivot frame operator? i.e. the piece would be rotated around a bit to make the XY match the grid, and translated with the centre-point at the origin. (I know this doesn’t help with more complicated situations, so socket information would be useful, yes)

This is what a socket in a static mesh Added to Unreal looks like

It can either be created and named in unreal or it can be imported along the Static Mesh from a socket placed in DCC


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Right, I see, that’s the ‘outer end’ I misunderstood.

I think this could be rolled nicely into the ‘Additional Resource Types’ feature area on the roadmap. I’ve added it as another item on the list (metadata).

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