ROADMAP: More Resource Types

At the moment the following Asset types can be referenced in a Resource List to be used by Apparance in procedures:

  • Static Mesh - mesh placement (as mesh component) and instancing (instanced static mesh component)
  • Blueprint - fully configurable placement of actors and behaviours
  • Material / Material Instance - for application to generated geometry
  • Component Type - for access to many aspects of the game world beyond mesh based geometry

There is scope to expand this to a number of other assets and concepts, unlocking all sorts of powerful behaviour and functionality, extending the capabilities of procedural generation in Apparance. This could include:

  • Material (Instance) Properties - e.g. parameterisation of material inputs from placement properties
  • Textures - e.g. to then pass into Material properties and switch material appearance significantly
  • Static Mesh Material Overrides - e.g. Using mesh assets but with different materials
  • Apparance Presets - e.g. a neat way of placing procedural objects from procedural objects and sharing the generation load
  • Values (int, float, etc) - e.g. to allow global configuration of the procedures without having to dig into them in the procedure editor.
  • Metadata - extraction and mapping of additional asset data such as mesh sockets
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A) I didn’t realise you could reference blueprints and configure them. I’m going to have to play with that.
B) I can take or leave most of these, but having global Values seems extremely useful.

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