Procedural Bathroom!

We are having our bathroom renovated and needed to make some decisions about things like bath size, cabinet width, and tiling choices. It’s always hard to imagine what the overall effect will be based on some brochure pictures and sample materials, so I threw together a mockup one evening in a few hours using Apparance and Unreal.

The procedure graph is a horrible mess, but it has served it’s job and we made a decision we are happy with. A ‘quick and dirty’ project that allowed us to play with the choices and very rapidly compare configurations. :slight_smile:

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Parameterisation of specific aspects of the scene was really helpful due to being able to interactively play with it and get a good feel for the space.

Here are the bath and gap parameters being adjusted.

And here we switch through a few of the tiling options, note this switches through some tile colour, configuration, and size presets (that we actually had samples of) as well as being able to operate in a ‘free’ mode where the colours could be picked as normal from any colour. This also applied to the wall colour and the unit colour.

There are few visual and lighting artefacts that I couldn’t resolve, but Lumen and ray-tracing enabled it produces a pretty good real-time rendering previewer.

This scene is all geometry generated in Apparance, with seven basic Unreal materials: Chrome, Flooring, Glass, Mirror, Painted (wall), Plastic, and Tile.


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The tiled wall is made from rectangular panels of ‘brickwork’ constructed using the Stacker operators to repeat sub-procedures for the tiles and handle gaps and staggered ends.

They aren’t fully accurage as there is some stretching and squashing for each separate rectangular portion of the walls, however this still gives a great impression of the final look.

The actual bathroom is still being worked on. I’ll post some real pictures when it’s finished. :slight_smile:

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And here is the finished IRL bathroom.