About the Roadmap category

This category is provided to give some insight into what development is planned for the future of Apparance and what high-level features you can expect to be added over the coming months.


  • These aren’t in a particular order, but to give a feel for the direction Apparance is progressing in.
  • Nothing is guaranteed or set to a particular timeframe as time and developer resources are limited.
  • If you would like to see a particular feature or capability addressed sooner then you could consider sponsorship of feature development by contributing to the development costs. :slight_smile:
  • Feel free to contribute to the discussion of features by adding to the Requests & Suggestions category (assuming something hasn’t already been requested elsewhere).
  • Many other smaller features and important fixes will be happening alongside these major roadmap plans so the amount of work listed in this category doesn’t affect how long it will take to address bugs and other tweaks.

Thanks for your supprt.