Email Query: Why there are few preset functions?

Email query: 22/10/22

Why there are few preset functions? I think you should do some basic and complex presets, such as villages, cities, and then buy a plugin to replace the model directly.
Why don’t you get a Discord? It’s too inconvenient to solve the problem


Hello, thank you for your email.

I find Discord very noisy and chaotic for handling support requests in an orderly way. Instead, you can email directly (as you have), and there is a support forum ( where you can raise questions and issues for discussion and I’d be happy to help.

As to your question; Apparance is what I would class as a ‘lower level procedural tool’ compared to some off the shelf plugins that target very specific problems. It has the power to build up many solutions to technical procedural generation tasks from scratch to do what you need. This means it may not be for everyone, and does require some effort. But I believe that the fine-grain control this approach gives you means that any system you create can be tuned to exactly the requirement and behaviour you need. You control everything, and are not limited by the pre-built, hard coded, and assumption based offerings from other software. In the future I plan to expand into more ‘off the shelf’ packages of procedures that can help provide some of the starting points you refer to, but unfortunately we are not there yet.

As you can see from the media output from Apparance and my social media account, there is lots you can do (more features coming soon), and although it’s not easy to create complex procedural systems Apparances’ interactivity, responsiveness, and visual operation drastically speeds up the process for you. I hope you can find the time to explore what is possible with Apparance.

For further ideas, maybe check out this forum thread asking about city building, and this video walkthrough of building construction.


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