Walkway generator

I really did not mean to spend 2 hours on this tonight. Oh well, enough now, for sure.

Progress so far:

Next step, make the railings on the corners be correct.

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Well, that end up being preaty easy given what I’d done before…

I’m not sure what my next step is though - the asset pack I’m using has less variety for ‘things near walkways’ than I thought it did :frowning:


Ah… but while there’s not a lot I can put next to walkways, there is certainly a lot I can put on them:

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Now with server boxes:

I’m especially happy with making sure that they always have a back against a railing

Next steps:

  • Allow two server boxes per walkway segment, if they are next to each other and next to the same railing
  • Fill the server boxes with servers.